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Preliminary Site Investigation

First, we visit the site to know the actual scenario of nearby buildings, electric poles, roads, railway and underground locality for its better ethical and structural appearance. We take care of environments, climatic changes and social impacts. The site investigation requires soil sample collection at a depth of 0.5m and 1.5 m up to 2 storey buildings. Soil samples are collected at various depths for multi-storey high rise buildings based on the existing soil conditions. These soil samples are collected at a minimum interval of 100 m on the building plan area. We do the basic soil testing as per the requirement of projects. Depending upon the existing soil condition, we suggest the ground improvements with the detailed analysis. Finally, we provide a report on various checks applied on the site and recommendation from the experts and mentors.

Geotechnical Testing

Once the preliminary site investigation is done, we recommend the number of boreholes required at site on the basis of existing soil conditions. The SPT tests are conducted and non-disturbed soil samples are collected at various depths. These soil samples are further used for soil classification, compaction test, consolidation test, direct shear test, unconfined compression test etc depending on the requirement and needs of foundation design. Further, if the soil condition is too specific and heavy loads are expected, then the dynamic geotechnical tests are conducted for the soil property determination. In case of long alignment of ground surface, where the soil stratification changes are expected, then we suggest geophysical subsurface exploration with the existing technology such as MASW, SASW etc. The MASW test is useful, if it is conducted during the preliminary site investigation for subsurface soil stratification up to 30 m.

Layout Design

Based on the availability of the clients demands and project requirements, we provide the 2D plan, section and elevation. We also prepare the 3D view of the buildings, hospital, roads, dams, embankments, retaining walls and other civil engineering structures. Layout design of buildings provides the favourable appearance and comfortably for the resident.

Foundation Design and Analysis

We provide the complete design and analysis of footing and foundation. Based on the soil condition, we recommended various types of footing (square, circular, rectangular) and foundation (raft, pile, pile-raft). We are more concerned about the foundation, as it is the most important part of civil engineering structures.

Structural Design and analysis

The loads on the buildings, hotels, bridges, and hospitals vary on the basis of certain situations, such as utilities used, allotted working area, offices etc. We follow the IS code provision to design every element (beam, column, wall, lintel, roof, slab, furnish etc.). We cross check the final design with the available structural design software (SAP2000, Staad.pro) and suggest an efficient and economical design.

We are the Best 2D Design Company in Lucknow that has specialized in delivering a seedy enthusiasm innards design style. Our devoted experienced team of architects only sets and designs at your concurrence to help you in creating commodities unique and individualistic. At Luxury World Innards, we believe interior design is about further than just creating beautiful spaces. Still, it is about creating heartiness through spaces that inspire joy, peace, and comfortable for the homeowner.


We are jointly working with the reputed contractors for the large projects. Our team monitors every stage of construction to make sure the quality of building materials and human skills. We do not compromise on the quality because we are fully aligned and dedicated with the construction process until the completion of projects. We construct residential, commercial, hospital, school buildings, hotels, shopping malls, offices, roads, bridges etc.